CH AMHERST DAVISDANE ROADRUNNER CD CGC-OFAG38/Ca/T/CERF (H) (BIS BISS AKC CH Stiegerhill Trail Blazer (H) x Amherst's Nicoletta (H)--CH Grafitti CD daughter)

SIRE: Harlequin-Group-Winning & BISS AKC CHAMPION CHROMA THIEF OF HEARTS, CD,RN, OA, AXJ, OJC, NAC, TDIA, GDCA-VA, CGC; CHIC#13799=OFAG24, OFA, EKC & Echo Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal (annually), multi-CERF norma;. Call-name Pirate.

CH MICHAELDANE JB ADVENT CD TDI CGC VA-OFAF29/Ca/T (H) (BISS AKC CH Fraser of Michaeldane N'CO (H) x Michaeldane JayBee Rox Ann Dgn (H) (mjr ptd. & CH Rox daughter; he is OFA Good)

Ms. Bean x PIRATE BREEDING**6 PUPS BORN 2-19-04: 2 Harlequin, 2 Mantle, one black& one fawn/white. Two kept by Jennifer Burns for show/breeding potential: Mantle dog and Harlequin bitch (rest sold as pets).

JETERO's Mr. GABLE (H) (CH Jetero Axl Rosedane CamCo x CH Rosedanes Roxie von Kramer-an Axl duaghter) OFA Family Results

DAM: Mantle-ColorWorks Energizer Bunny, call-name Ms Bean.

Frio Friends Lady Liberty (CH Jetero Topper daughter to CH Zodiac Zenith g-son.)