Seven pups (5 Harlequins, 2 merles), born OCT 1998, are now Veterans and include: HALL OF FAME & GDCA Versatility Award, AKC Group Winning & BISS Ch. CHROMA Thief of Hearts CD RA OA AXJ OJC NAC TDIA CGC VA; O-NAC NJC CHROMA Trompe L'oeil CD OA NAJ NJP NJC TDIA CGC; Sp-HIT CHROMA Forever Mardi Gras CDX TDI CGC; CHROMA Rebecca of Northern Lights, CHROMA Commodore Roy v Bethel, CHROMA Klob's Sonrisa, & CHROMA On the Road Agin v Vindane. "Pet-or-show" we love you all!

Pirate's Pedigree

Both parents of this litter are Versatility Award winning, Venerable Danes titled front and back. We think it's the only such breeding still ever done in this breed. Willie sired this litter live as an active Veteran and lived until 10.5. (We drove from West Texas to Boston to make the connection!) Tia lived 11 years and 11 months of an active, full and healthy life: check out her photos and her winning & just wonderful get! Thanks to Sue Shaw & Jodie Keim for all their help and mentorship on this litter.